World Cleanup Day 

15 Sept 2018

2018/09/15 09:00:00

Our Dream

To create a clean environment by promoting a culture of clean thoughts and actions, leveraging on next-generation technology, community, and society.

Our Goals

Since the third industrial revolution, our world is living in a time of overdrive – production and consumption overdrive whether in material things or even in arts and culture. This indiscriminate and unfiltered production ultimately creates environments which are over-cluttered and in essence, filled with trash. We look no further to landfills and the internet to have a basic understanding of the trash our modern world has knowingly/unknowingly produced. The current situation is a product of the advancement of humankind and human work but PCS believes it is within the progressive nature of human beings to champion a world of clean environment in every sense through promoting a culture of clean thoughts and actions for all.

On 15 September 2018, we are engaging 5% of the world’s population to take one of the boldest civic actions in cleaning up the earth.

Our goals are for the next progressive stage of the human race, which is why we will look to deploy the use of next-generation technologies, communities and societies to creating the ideal world of clean environments.

Our Team

We are a group based in Singapore who hope to spread the movement of clean environment, thoughts and actions to the world through education programmes and taking action.